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Chip trays for your dry toilets

by Julien

New for 2017, Lécopot has concocted some magnificent chip bins for your dry toilets.

Lécopot range of chip trays for dry toilets

Lécopot range of swarf bins with lids

At the start of the new year, we took the time to create some new accessories. We are proud to present our chip bins made by Lécopot.

This project has been on our list for a long time. However, we had trouble finding the time to design it. A customer request forced us to get stuck in, and here’s the result.

A sober but effective design:

In the tradition of our creations, the design of these bins offers a balance between sobriety and practicality.

Open chip bins for dry toilets

Lécopot range of open chip bins

Available with or without lid.

The entry-level version, without lid, lets you put your chips in plain sight. This has the advantage of reminding us of the usefulness of litter in dry toilets. So your friends who don’t know about composting toilets will be forced to wonder what these chips are for.

We also offer a reclosable version with hinged lids. This version offers a more discreet solution that’s just as effective.

Lécopot’s little touch, an ergonomic, smiling handle, gives you all the comfort you need for handling. This makes it easy to take your bin to the garage for filling, for example.

Integration according to Lécopot :

Resealable chip tray for dry toilet Small corner

Chip tray with lid for Petit coin

Our specifications for the design of these bins included, among other things, the requirement of perfect integration with our dry toilet models.

The height of the bins is adapted to the height of our toilets. The same applies to their length, which can be adapted to suit the toilet models they will be used with. That’s why we’ve created three sub-versions for our Coccinelle, Coccinelle Douglas and Block / Petit coin models.

Lidless versions have slightly more capacity, as they gain the thickness of the lid to fit the height of the toilet.

Lidless models offer volumes ranging from 34 to 44 liters.

Lid-closing models range from 30 to 41 liters.

Discover our full range of litter trays in the buckets and accessories section of our online store.

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