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Lécopot is 10 years old!

by Julien

a10 years old! Wow, already?!

For ten years, we’ve been offering you dry toilets, big and small; “for kids” and “for grown-ups”; for outside and inside; toilets for everyone,

toilets to do good for nature


Above all, we feel proud. Proud to have made it this far, against the tide of a world going to the dogs. Proud to be reversing, at our level, a catastrophic general trend. Proud to fertilize the earth by reintegrating the natural cycle of life.
But above all, we’re happy. Happy to feel useful, to act, and to have proof that it works. Happy, at last, to realize that we’re not alone. You too are committed to real, practical, everyday change. Because there are so many of you, enough to keep our little company going, and by January 2020 we’ll have a team of nine! Together, we can reverse the trend. We’re rebalancing the human-nature relationship. Yes, a healthy, sustainable economy is possible: it already exists.

Positive, environmentally-friendly energy

Few people thought we’d sell more than 10 toilets a year, but we do! The scale of the success surprised, encouraged and enthused us. However, our motivation was stronger than the sleepless weekends in the workshop.

France and Julien at work in front of their garage-workshop.

How did a small initiative in the economically depressed region of the upper Aude valley get off the ground and become one of the fastest-growing companies in its economic basin?

How, by betting on our own values, has the desire to transform the planet become an activity that sustains many people?

But, above all, how can we save the world with our dry toilets and turn our excrement into a gift for the Earth?

The answer is obvious: TOGETHER. Over the past 10 years, Lécopot has preserved 1 million 33,490 m3 of water. And above all, 4,400 m3 of compost – thousands of ecosystems revitalized all over the world (France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom…). THANK YOU!

What is Lecopot?

Lécopot was born of a militant gesture. It’s a human-sized company created in 2010 by Julien and France Boyer with one motto: “EARTH, EARTH, EARTH, AND WATER, precious assets that must be protected at all costs”. With this in mind, Julien Boyer created the first dry toilet. For Julien, a Lécopot dry toilet must first and foremost meet a need. Aesthetics come next, as a matter of course, reflecting the values that still give meaning to the company today. Practical, sturdy and attractive toilets!

This anniversary is all of ours.

It’s Lecopot’s birthday, but it’s also yours, the birthday of all the agents of change who aren’t afraid to put their hands in the soil, in the earth that invites us to harmony. Thanks to you, in the space of 10 years we’ve brought together more than 10,000 dry toilet users in France and abroad! This anniversary is also the anniversary of an alternative world, under construction, towards a regenerated planet. The earth thanks you!

The DNA of Lécopot or the birth of a small company: a few highlights

April 13, 2010

– Julien Boyer’s autoentreprise was registered with the Carcassonne Chamber of Trades. It was the official birth of the Lécopot adventure, just before the birth of Julien and France’s second son in July – a rock’n’roll period! The first “Scarabée” toilet was built in the basement of the family home, with Julien’s aunt as its first customer. The company is growing slowly, full of energy. However, it does not pay a salary to its managers.


– Because we wanted to take our products to the ends of France, we took part in our first Marjolaine show in Paris, thanks to a little financial help from the family. And yes, our super “militant” bank at the time laughed in our faces and gave us a €3,000 cash advance, the bad guys!


– Autoentrepreneur exceeds authorized sales and becomes a sole trader.


– This was the year in which Mathieu, our first employee, arrived, followed the next month by Guillaume. However, it was also a difficult year, as Lecopot ended with a loss.


– France is declared as a collaborating spouse. This was the year when the couple managed to earn the equivalent of a full-time minimum wage, but for 150 hours a week together!


– Julien and France become partners! Financial autonomy is finally achieved, as our two adventurers manage to earn a minimum wage each. Victory! It’s also the year in which Lécopot achieves perfect parity within the team: Sari in production and Florence in varnish reinforce the team then made up of David, Bérenger, France and Julien.
A family-run business, lunches are taken in the family kitchen, where everyone cooks their own meals!


– The year of the move, at last… Lécopot leaves the cocoon of its 100 m² family basement and moves into new 500 m² premises in Couiza, still in the upper Aude valley. The premises may seem very large, but they fill up very quickly… New machines, new storage space, more productive layouts and, above all, greater working comfort. That’s it, no longer the production team packing the parcels, but Johan taking over the shipping department!
Valentin and Sébastien join Lécopot in production.

Lécopot is a lot of madness, perseverance, activists, love, great customers who are changing the world, and a unique human adventure… And always more innovative ideas to preserve water and feed the earth.
They work or have worked at Lécopot and we thank them warmly: France, Julien, Mathieu, Guillaume, Bérenger, Maxime, Michaël, Pierre, Sari, Florence, Maurin, David, Johan, Sébastien, Valentin, Tomas, Isabelle…

Why did you choose Lécopot?

Lécopot is first and foremost know-how, with craftsmen at work every day in the workshop to satisfy you. It’s the attention to detail, such as the creation of an exclusive stainless steel bib, details that facilitate ergonomics, models adaptable to all situations, comfortable, designer, etc. An artistic sense that is always at work to make models more beautiful and more innovative. After all, each dry toilet is carefully cut, assembled and sanded by hand. Eco-friendly varnish, carefully selected and applied by hand, is essential to protect your toilet from daily use. Finally, each craftsman feels responsible and involved in making your dry toilet the ecological work of your life. We don’t think you chose Lecopot by chance.

Quality for the long haul

Here we go for a new decade! Always on the lookout for more sustainable and natural solutions. At Lecopot, we’re confident about the future. Our motto is to create beautiful, affordable products that will last a long time.
The projects are numerous. Between equipping public spaces and developing dry toilets in cities, a whole culture is evolving. So changing our habits means changing our idea of our place in the natural cycle of life. However, our credo remains unchanged: to rethink our waste as a potential source of fertilization and valorization. Rethinking our waste as an asset for the Earth: a given for a given, a fair return, a coherent whole – that’s our mission. And for a long time!

The Lécopot 2020 team

2020 – Lécopot starts the year with eight people on board: France and Julien in management, David, Sébastien and Valentin in manufacturing, Johan in shipping, Maurin in varnish and graphics/communications and our latest arrival, Isabelle, as sales assistant.

Lécopot team in 2020

2020: an anniversary year!

Stay tuned for upcoming events. Because this is an exceptional year. However, come and celebrate this special year with us while doing great business at Lécopot!

Don’t hesitate to leave a message!

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