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Le Nouveau Mini-Colombus, the potty for babies

by Julien
Les enfants aussi ont droit à leur toilette sèche !

Mini-Colombus, the Lécopot baby potty and toilet seat reducer for dry toilets

The new Mini-Colombus is scalable. It will accompany your child throughout potty training. First as a baby potty, then as a Lécopot toilet seat reducer.

Baby potty and toilet seat reducer

Baby potty and toilet seat reducer, the new Mini Colombus is versatile.

An evolving, responsible object

Mini Colombus: Toilet potty for children

Mini Colombus: Toilet potty for children

Potty training is an essential stage in a child’s development. The new Mini-colombus will enable him to progress at his own pace towardsindependence. At the same time, you’ll be able to teach your child the right way to live in harmony with the earth. Carrying a bucket to the compost heap helps us to understand that we form a single whole with nature in a healthy, ongoing exchange.

The mini Colombus is a kind of lunette, with or without flap, specially shaped to fit perfectly on our 6L buckets . It has an autonomy of about two to three days and a hermetic lid. You can take your mini Columbus with you wherever you go.

Dry toilet reducer for children

Children’s dry toilet reducer with physiological booster seat

Ideal as a potty trainer for children up to 4 years of age, the mini Colombus becomes toilet seat reducer on all models equipped with a Lécopot seat. When your little one is ready, he’ll remove the Mini Colombus from its bucket and place it directly on the seat of your Lécopot dry toilet. Lightweight and practical, it can be attached without fasteners thanks to its adapted shape. Once installed, it remains stable.

More comfort…

And for even greater simplicity, you can place your physiological booster seat in front of your toilet to enable your child to climb on his own. What’s more, the booster seat is designed to provide a much healthier and more comfortable physiological position for adults.

Made from spruce in our workshop in Couiza, Aude, the Mini Colombus is available with or without a flap. Available in ready-to-use varnish (eco-friendly varnish) or raw if you wish to personalize it.

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