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Interview with Journal Orientation Environnement

by Julien
Julien, créateur de Lecopot

Julien Boyer interviewed by Orientation Environnement

In this article from the Journal Orientation Environnement, you’ll discover the background of Lecopot’s founder, the origins of our company, the manufacture of our dry toilets, and the development of online sales of dry toilets and accessories. And then, in 2024, the launch of a website dedicated to Compost Nature composters…

About Orientation Environnement

This independent media site, created in 2005, is both a platform forenvironmental internships and jobs, and a guide to environmental training. This portal site lists BTS, Licences pro, Masters, engineering degrees, MBAs and specialized Masters in the various environmental sectors:
biodiversity, agroecology, water, circular economy, renewable energies, sustainable management, geosciences, etc.

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