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Everyone to compost: national composting week

by Julien

From March 25 to April 9, 2017, National Neighborhood Composting Week

composting week

Everyone to compost
is an annual national event promoting local composting of household waste, whether at home, in a shared facility, in a building, in a neighborhood or in any other collective structure.

Every year, volunteers, site referents and composting guides spend a few hours welcoming residents who have already composted, as well as new visitors, for on-site activities, compost distribution or any other action designed to raise the profile of their composting site and increase participation.

Why compost your kitchen waste?

  • I reduce the amount of waste in my garbage can and the volumes processed by the local authority (by around 30%).
  • I use compost in my window boxes or garden and save on the purchase of fertilizer and/or potting soil.
  • I share a project with my neighbors, colleagues, at school, etc.

Compost our toilet waste!

Let’s not forget composting our own human waste! with composters for dry toilets
Lécopot handcrafts specific, high-capacity composters: discover our models of composters

dry toilet composter

Map of composting events

To consult on the site
the national map of composting events near you: site openings, conferences, Compost’Tour, composting events.

All the practical information is on the official Composting Week website:

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