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New range of Efficient Micro Organisms from Lécopot!

by Julien

Lecopot is expanding its range of beneficial microorganisms for dry toilets, but also for a multitude of other uses…

wipe & clean microferm

But what are effective micro-organisms?

Efficient micro-organisms(EM) are made up of a number of aerobic (organisms living with oxygen) and anaerobic (organisms living without oxygen) bacteria, fungi and yeasts already present in the living world.

To sum up: “In a group of bacteria, there are 5% beneficial bacteria and 5% harmful bacteria. The opportunistic bacteria group, which accounts for 90% of bacteria, will mimic the more numerous bacteria group, so by introducing Em into an environment, we increase the number of beneficial bacteria. It’s the principle of dominance.

Why use micro-organisms in dry toilets?

By introducing them into your compost or your toilet, these Em will help the decomposition of organic matterbalance biodiversity in the soil and in the environment by increasing the number of effective micro-organisms which will take precedence over “bad bacteria”.harmful.

This way, we reduce the odors that were linked to bad bacteria!

Wipe & Clean
Activateur de compost Microferm
Nettoyant naturel Wipe & Clean

Effective micro-organisms for a multitude of uses:

Micro-organisms are a good composting ally, but they also have many other virtues.
So now you can clean your whole house and toilet with the micro-organism-based multi-purpose cleaner.
Always based on the same principle of increasing the beneficial bacteria to take power over the harmful ones.
Now we no longer kill bacteria, but multiply the effectiveness of the good ones.
These EMs will stay on the surface and protect all your surfaces.

Testimonial from France (Lécopot):

“For me, cleaning and disinfecting dry toilets and killing all the bacteria while trying to develop them to create compost made no sense.
I used to disinfect my bucket and then put in microorganisms, but what an aberration!
We absolutely had to find a respectful cleanser that does the job and directly implants those good bacteria! So I decided to go for EM!
From the very first use, I was relieved and convinced of my cleaning action, which was also good for my compost.
I found that EMs were available for other uses. In fact, I was very pleasantly surprised when I first used EM to clean my kitchen. By spraying EM on my hob, the grease went away in a very simple, effortless way, without rinsing. It’s amazing!

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