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La Libellule, the dry toilet for small spaces

by Julien

New dry toilet model for small spaces

Ideal for motorhomes

At the start of 2020, Lécopot presents its new original creation: the Dragonfly.

dry toilets for small spaces

The Dragonfly is the result of a brainstorm by several of our motorhome customers to replace their original chemical toilet with a more environmentally-friendly dry toilet.

The very limited dimensions required us to rethink the space needed to handle the toilet.

Several constructive elements have therefore been revised. That’s why we came up with the leaf or dragonfly wing bezel. This design allows us to considerably reduce the distance required to open the flap in a corner.

dry toieltte for motorhome

Thanks to this innovation, we’ve been able to dramatically reduce the toilet’s dimensions to a depth of 47 cm and a width of 39 cm, making this model the most compact in our range of clothed toilets.

Indeed, we had already created the Columbus range), which remains the lightest and most compact ecological dry toilet system in our travel range, but also the simplest and most basic.

More elegant, our Libellule ecological toilet is also equipped with a 65 mm-high stainless steel bib. We’ve adapted this size so that you can close your 21-litre plastic bucket with its airtight lid and the toilet is also in the closed position. An indentation holds the bucket in place, preventing it from shifting when you move your vehicle.

The seat remains at a standard height of 44 cm, for a total height of 46 cm.

The liblellule in varnished spruce

Libellule dry toilet in spruce, varnished. Left and right models.

We’ve designed this toilet for optimum use with our 21-liter plastic bucket, which is more suitable for on-the-go use: very light, sturdy and closing with a hermetic lid, this bucket is more reassuring for on-the-go use. The 15-liter stainless steel bucket is also suitable for use with this toilet, but is recommended for sedentary use.

The Libellule is available in two positions: left or right-hand seat.

With the Dragonfly, we’ve succeeded in blending aesthetics and compactness to suit all small spaces, while retaining an attractive object. In short, the Libellule offers reduced volume for equal comfort.

Lightweight yet robust, the Dragonfly weighs just 9 kg.

This model, ideal for small spaces, is just as suitable for your other small-scale layouts: a wasted space in the house, a tiny house, a garden shed, a spare toilet…

Technical specifications :

Toilet depth 47 cm
Toilet width 39 cm
Flap height stainless steel 65 mm
Seat height 44 cm
Total toilet height 46 cm
Toilet weight 9 Kg
Bucket type Plastic 21 l or stainless steel 15 l
Positioning options Left or right seat



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