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June 2020: the new Papillon has arrived!

by Julien

Papillon dry toilet new version 2020

In the midst of the complicated year 2020, Lecopot continues to be positive and is proud to present its new Papillon. Clean lines and enhanced strength.

Papillon dry toilet new version

Julien Boyer from Lécopot presents the new version of the Papillon dry toilet.

A reinforced structure

We redesigned the structure of the butterfly to ensure a better junction between it and the wood used for the trim.
In this way, the surfaces of the cladding parts are in almost complete contact with the structure, but also with each other.
Unlike its predecessor, which had only a few attachment points, which were sufficient, but guaranteed less rigidity.

Papillon dry toilet, old and new versions

Comparison of old and new Papillon dry toilets.

Streamlined design

The primary aim of this renewal was to offer a model with more harmonious lines.
The laths making up the original cladding have been skewed to create a continuous, softer surface.


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