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Dry toilets, for whom and where?

by Julien
Cabine de toilette sèche pour réceptions.

The modern dry toilet!

Do you think that dry toilets are reserved for extreme environmentalists, only to be installed in huts deep in the sticks, or for nostalgic old-timers?

Make no mistake, today’s dry toilet has little in common with its cold, austere and nauseating ancestor at the bottom of the garden, which left deep memories in the minds of many people of previous generations.

The 21st century version of the modern dry toilet

dry toilet, new design.Today’s dry toilets have adapted to our lifestyles and our quest for comfort. For example, a
compost toilet
can now be installed in your home in a variety of ways (see our custom-made dry toilets). “In the houses”, you might say, “and the smells???” … That’s because the modern dry toilet is used differently. In fact, by adding litter to your toilet on a regular basis, you prevent odors from developing and produce good compost that in turn nourishes the soil.

Dry toilets open the door to creativity in a room where it’s least expected. And why not?

A dry toilet wherever you want it!

Thanks to its compactness and autonomy (since a dry toilet requires no connection), it can be found in countless places.

For example, a dry toilet can be installed to add comfort to a home extension where it would be too costly to run all the plumbing. The dry toilet will also find its place as a main amenity in your home, and save you a lot of unnecessary water consumption.

Composting toilets are also ideal for unusual accommodation or places that are committed to sustainable development, such as tree houses, trailers, eco-campsites, bubble accommodations, yurts, etc. And why not on a boat or in your



Dry toilet for motorhomes: discover our
Libellule model

dry toilets for small spaces

La libellule, dry toilet for motorhomes

For individual or collective use

These ecological and economical toilets are a popular choice for large-scale events such as music festivals and major sporting events. It’s thanks to this type of use that the dry toilet is making a big impact in France, as the public is surprised to discover that these toilets are much cleaner and less odorous than their chemical counterparts. The proof is in the pudding that this solution makes sense for your own home, which will be much less stressed.

Today, dry toilets are even finding their way into communities and businesses, for the same reasons as private individuals. For ecological and economic reasons, and for a location far from the grid.

One thing’s for sure: whatever initial reluctance you may have to use a dry toilet, it quickly fades after the first use. And yes, to try a dry toilet is to adopt it!

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