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Optinid Tiny House

by Julien

Meeting with SCOP Optinid, Tiny House manufacturer…

A few months before the
2017 in Lyon, we were contacted by SCOP Optinid to equip their Tiny house showroom with a Lécopot dry toilet.

And we were delighted to play along.

The Lyonnais public was able to discover this beautiful, fully-equipped creation.

What is a Tiny House?

For those unfamiliar with the concept, a tiny house is a lightweight, portable dwelling. Designed on a trailer base, it can be towed by a vehicle via a hitch.

Tiny house optinid salon primevère

The Tiny House “La tête dans les étoiles” at the Primevère trade show in Lyon before opening to the public.

Interior design of the Optinid Tiny House in the stars

Interior of the Tiny House “La tête dans les étoiles” designed by Optinid.

Like any self-respecting small dwelling, the tiny house is no exception to the rule of space optimization. SCOP Optinid (the name is cleverly chosen) excels in this field, offering a range of well-thought-out Tiny models.

In this small space, you’ll find all the essentials of a home, condensed without feeling cramped. There’s a fully-equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a living and study area and a spacious bedroom. And, of course, a dry toilet for your needs. No wasted space with cleverly placed storage.

We were seduced by the “La tête dans les étoiles” model exhibited at the Primevère trade show, which features a room with a removable roof, allowing you to spend a night under the stars, weather permitting. The roof, mounted on a slide, slides off in seconds, just like a comforter (very clever …). Don’t worry if the weather changes, you can sleep peacefully.

Self-sufficient living :

Ladybug Lecopot dry toilet in the Optinid Tiny House

Our Ladybird dry toilet in place in the Tiny House.

This little house can be moved as you wish, but it must not be dependent on electricity, water or sewage networks. That’s why Optinid offers tiny houses equipped with solar panels and water recovery and storage systems. All that’s left to do is install your Lecopot dry toilet and you’re ready for adventure.

Lovers of happy sobriety, we were seduced by this magnificent, simple, effective and aesthetic creation… it leaves you dreaming…

Find out more …

SCOP Optinid is based in Artemare in the Ain region of France.


Optinid, ZA Les Garennes, 01510 Artemare

Website :



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