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Micro-organisms for dry toilets

by Julien
micro-organismes pour toilettes sèches

Micro-organisms for ecological dry toilet treatment!

Micro-organisms for dry toilets … ?

Microorganisms are bacteria, yeasts and other tiny organisms found in the living world. They are at the origin of photosynthesis and all organic and plant creatures.

In nature, a constant battle is waged between groups of micro-organisms. Thus, the majority of them, neutral, join the winning side, whether good or bad. Obviously, it’s best to ensure that the right micro-organisms are victorious in order to achieve healthy environments.

Their presence is essential: in a pristine, balanced natural environment, the different types of micro-organism families present are in perfect balance (effective micro-organisms feed on harmful micro-organisms, among others). But in an environment as oxidized as ours (pollutants, acid rain, human management of the environment, selected plants, not to mention synthetic pesticides and fertilizers) beneficial micro-organisms have all but disappeared from our immediate environment. Visit Professor Teruo Higa discovered that by bringing together 80 types of beneficial micro-organisms found in different environments, and introducing this mixture of bacteria, yeasts and other micro-organisms into a diseased, oxidized environment, the vital balance is restored, leading once again to a “healthy” environment. dynamic, harmonious balance of vital processes.

Book on the use of EM in the garden.

These beneficial, useful, efficient micro-organisms (also known as EM: Efficient Micro organisms) are cultivated from fermented plants and preserved in a mother solution.

EMs pose no danger to the environment, human beings or wildlife. On the contrary, EM bacteria destroy the substances that cause putrefaction, bad smells and disease, eliminating pathogenic microbes. They are therefore ideal foruse with dry toilets, where the aim is to sanitize the environment through

Our selection of micro-organisms for dry toilets.

micro-organisms for composting

From now on, Lecopot will be offering you micro-organisms specially selected to interact with the composting bacteria in your dry toilets, and thus seed your environment with good bacteria.


The resulting effects are better decomposition of your compost, greatly reduced odor generation and a healthier whole.

It’s easy to use: just pour a dose of micro-organism into your bucket, in addition to the wood shavings bedding you add before use. As soon as micro-organisms come into contact with liquid (in this case, urine), they begin to colonize the environment.

We highly recommend their use, which won us over right from the start.

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