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Ephysia, the right position

by France Boyer

Discover the latest from Lécopot, Ephysia, the ergonomic dry toilet for a physiological position.

From good performance to the toilet

At Lécopot, we’ve always wanted to develop products that are not only healthy for the planet, but also for the human body. Ephysia is part of this approach.

The new Lécopot dry toilet features raised footwells. But why put such a quirk in it? Because it turns out that the natural (but forgotten) position for relieving oneself, and especially the big one, is squatting. In fact, the crouched position offers a trunk/leg angle of 35°, whereas the angle of the seated position is 90°. Specialists tell us that in this sitting position, the colon is obstructed, making bowel movements considerably more difficult.

Diagram explaining the squatting position and its impact on defecation

The position offered by Ephysia

Raising the knees frees up the colon, facilitating transit and avoiding many inconveniences.

This sitting position with knees up (squatting) is physiological, natural and instinctive. It offers comfort in action, but also proven effectiveness. (view sources)

Ephysia, for everyone

Adopting the physiological position is possible and useful for everyone, regardless of body shape, size or age. Just like adopting the simple, environmentally-friendly gestures of a dry toilet.

Medical specialists, neophytes, technophiles, budding ecologists, committed activists or proponents of degrowth, there’s something for everyone in terms of expectations and values.
Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly, everyday solution, an unusual, designer toilet, the natural, original way the human body works, or a solution to ease your bowel movements, Ephysia offers it all.

What’s more, it’s a multi-purpose toilet offering a variety of positions for all your pressing desires. Sitting, standing, with legs raised, choose the position that suits you best.
Thanks to the wide step, you can sit down and stand up with your feet on the ground. Men will still be able to urinate standing up, as will women addicted to “pee-debout”.

Ephysia offers several positions.

Spread-out footboards let you put your feet on the ground to stand up or urinate.

Ephysia can “save your life”!

Ephysia can save lives. At least, it can limit certain inconveniences.
Having a bowel movement in a 90° seated position can lead to constipation, hemorrhoids and many other problems, such as prolapse, organ descent… Some have had worse fates, like the King (Elvis), who died on the throne. Disorders associated with bowel movements are very common, and anyone can be affected once in their life.

Did you know ?
– Constipation affects 16% of the adult population and 33.5% of people aged 60 to 101.
– Hemorrhoids affect 4.4% of the population

Ephysia contributes to your well-being by giving you the opportunity to adopt a position that helps your body efficiently. An improved, optimal position removes some of the causes of saddle-related problems, such as pushing. And yes, pushing during the big commission is really, REALLY, a very bad idea (because she’s taking her hemorrhoidal buddies with her). The Ephysia’s position offers a clear, unobstructed path for transit – no need to push, it goes down all by itself!

Libéréééééééééééééé! #reinedesneiges

The lowtech toilet to save the world

This toilet not only helps your body, but also our beloved Earth.
Ephysia is first and foremost a dry toilet with bio-controlled litter (BLT). Like other Lécopot toilets, Ephysia is self-contained, requiring no plumbing or electrical connections. It also produces valuable compost.

Fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce… so why are we still pooping in it?
BLTs combined with composters create healthy, natural compost that can nourish the earth. Whether for your fruit and vegetables, your flowers, or simply to regenerate depleted soil, compost is the best way to give back to the Earth what it so graciously offers us.

By creating compost, we regain our place in nature’s virtuous cycle and maintain a win-win relationship with Mother Earth.
Lecopot’s position has always been to enable everyone to find their place.

You can’t take without giving anything in return, so don’t push it!

The genesis

The project for an ergonomic toilet had been on our minds for a long time.
As a first step, we designed the physiological stool, which enables the correct position of the legs to be obtained by using it on our dry toilet models, but also with water toilets.

And one fine day, we took the plunge.


“It would have to be versatile, allowing you to sit normally, pull up your legs, but also pee standing up!”

“What if we made him like paws to put his feet on?”

“I like the Belladonna‘s combination of wood and stainless steel. Would we do a metal cladding?”

Setting up the first Ephysia model in the workshop

The workshop in deep thought

With specifications in hand, we turned to designer Thomas Leclerc. This was the first time we’d called on outside help to create a model. After several trials, improvements and prototypes, we came up with this magnificent tool.

Our position has always been to find solutions to improve things, whether for the environment or for our colonists. The creation of the physiological stool was part of this approach, but we wanted to go further. What’s more, we were backed up by customer testimonials that gave us a more than positive opinion of a toilet with an integrated physiological position.

Ephysia is a continuation of our approach. It offers both ecological and physical well-being, allowing you to reclaim the best and most natural position.

A handcrafted toilet that’s ecological, designer, versatile, ergonomic and healthy. Introducing Ephysia, efficiency made easy!

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