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Limited Beech Collection at Lécopot

by Julien

A new wood species for your interior. When beech coats your dry toilets.

Nothing is too good to dress up your dry toilets.

We’ve recently fallen under the spell of fine beech slats. These stripes give the lines of our models a retro-chic charm that will integrate the dry toilet into the most stylish environments. So we decided to dress up our three flagship models (the Block, the Coccinelle and the Papillon) in this new ensemble. If you’re a trendy, classy, trendy, hipster, librarian, mafia godfather or general beechwood lover, you’ve got your own dry toilet.

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Dry toilet and pride of the “Beech”.

Far from the prejudices surrounding dry toilets and the technical race, Lécopot assumes its position as defender of a simple, practical, economical and sustainable sanitary solution(Toilette sèche et fière de l’être). And this solution doesn’t preclude comfort, quality or beauty – quite the contrary.
At Lécopot, we believe that progress means simplicity, but with class!

Find out more about this essence …

Beech is very common in Europe, particularly in Central Europe. It is the second most common bushy species in France. 14% of French furniture is made from this type of wood.
Beech is used for joinery and cabinet-making, as well as for firewood.
Its light color can take on pinkish hues and includes a natural stripe pattern along its length. The beech collection trim offers a warm, noble look.

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