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Belladonna Dry Toilet, the beauty of the gesture

by Julien

As 2014 draws to a close, Lécopot launches the Belladonna, a new ecodesign dry toilet model.

Belladonna modern dry toilet

The mystery and virtues that surround this plant add to the charm of its name. Belladona (beautiful lady), with its green, purplish flowers and deep calyx, quickly became the name for this feminine creation. A plant used by witches and an ointment used by Italian courtesans to make their pupils dilate in order to feign love, atropa belladonna is highly curative when transformed.

Lecopot’s vision:

Belladonna dry toilet

The fruit of a quest for aesthetic innovation by its creators Julien Boyer (Artisan carpenter, manager of Lécopot) and Maurin Fontaine (visual designer), Belladonna is resolutely oriented towards the notion of pleasure. Like all our toilets, it is made entirely in our workshops in Languedoc Roussillon. The Belladona brings together all Lécopot’s trademark expertise in finish and sturdiness in a unique and original creation. We’ve combined the hygienic coolness of stainless steel with the colorful warmth of Douglas fir. The result is a beautifully balanced alternation.

Belladonna is a beautiful invitation to reclaim our place in nature’s cycle of perpetual transformation.

More information and product sheet.



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