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The Ventarèl cabin for outdoor dry toilets

by Julien

Discover the dry toilet cubicle with unbeatable value for money. An inexpensive, yet very sturdy and comfortable outhouse.

Whether you’re looking for a garden shed or a cabin for a dry toilet, the Ventarèl can be fitted out as you wish.

ventarèl spruce on a building site

La Ventarèl spruce

Solid above all else, Ventarèl is built to last, with its 45 x 45 mm Douglas fir structure in three cladding versions(Douglas fir, spruce, OSB), and top-quality stainless steel screws and hinges.

Practical, the Ventarèl is delivered partially assembled on a structure adapted for transport by pallet truck. However, you’ll be able to move and store it easily and manually, as it can be quickly dismantled using an ingenious screw and bolt system.

Front exterior and front interior views of the Ventarèl

La Ventarèl Douglas from the front

What’s more, its wide opening allows maximum use of space.
Last but not least, its translucent roof offers a unique luminosity.

The translucent roofs of Ventarèl

The translucent roofs of Ventarèl

It is sold without toilet. However, you’ll have the choice of integrating a standard indoor dry toilet, a medium-capacity dry toilet or a large-capacity dry toilet. For the many passages, we recommend the toilet


specially designed for



The Cernalha dry toilet in a Ventarèl cabin

The Cernalha toilet specially designed for Ventarèl cabins

With its sober, elegant design and curved front opening, the Ventarèl will fit in naturally wherever you need it: garden, orchard, country house, etc.

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