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Dry toilets accessible to people with reduced mobility

by Julien

Dry toilets and PRM accessibility

Lécopot designs and manufactures dry toilets for people with reduced mobility (PMR), such as our model
Lécobox PMR, an outdoor dry toilet

Installation without connection work

dry toilet for PRM

Our ecological toilets are products that can be installed without preparation (or repairs afterwards). They are ideal for occasional toilet flushing.

Another practical and economical advantage is that they can be installed in a bedroom, for example,
without any plumbing work
for either water connection or drainage. They can also be easily moved or uninstalled.

They can improve day-to-day comfort, particularly when people are living at home. These toilets can be installed anywhere in the home, so that people with mobility problems don’t have to move around and tire themselves out.

Dry toilets delivered assembled

Our products are delivered assembled and are easy to install.
The toilet seat height must be between 45 and 50 cm, and the clearance around it must allow a person in a wheelchair to move around, if necessary.

Practical information and rates

For a personalized study, please contact us.
Local authorities: degressive offer for an order of several PRM-accessible dry toilets.


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