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New range of Douglas dry toilets

by Julien

Lécopot launches a new range of Douglas dry toilets, an interesting finish.

What could be more natural than to open this new range with our flagship model: the Beetle.

In fact, our Beetle is the first to receive its new Douglas-fir pink cladding, making it even more attractive and warm.

A whole range of Douglas dry toilets to come:

Belladonna dry toilet

Belladonna in Douglas

In response to growing demand, we have decided to offer this new finish, which will follow in time on other models.

We expect to launch the Papillons, Petits coins and Cagaròl models in the first few weeks of 2017, completing this new range of Douglas dry toilets. We invite you to follow our upcoming press releases announcing these releases.

We’ve already adorned our top-of-the-range Belladonna model with this wood’s pretty pink hues, and it suits it so well. Given its success, we thought it would be a good idea to offer this finish on our standard models, giving them an even more luxurious feel.

Douglas fir is a highly resistant wood that is naturally appreciated by log home builders for its mechanical properties. In fact, it is highly stable over time and weather-resistant. That’s why we’ve selected it for our models of outdoor dry toilet cabins.

Its excellent mechanical properties are not what made us choose this wood for our interior models, but rather its magnificent pinkish color, which adds another dimension to our creations.

You know we put a lot of heart into offering you attractive dry toilets with engaging shapes. Our aim remains to change the image of the square box or the old shack at the bottom of the garden. For us, this remains an important aspect of the development of dry toilets. Basically, you have to want to sit on it.

Range overview :

We promised you, here’s our range of Douglas dry toilets …

Butterfly dry toilet douglas

Papillon Douglas Gauche Verni

Ladybug Dry Toilet

The Varnished Douglas Beetle

Dry toilet cagarol

Le Cagarol Douglas Venri

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