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Lécopot ecological toilets in stainless steel

by Julien

Ecological and sustainable toilets

This new year 2018 is off to a brilliant start, as from now on all Lecopot ecological toilets will be equipped with stainless steel hardware. A sturdy, attractive solution for a sustainable, pleasant world.

A lasting evolution.

Always striving toimprove the quality of our products, we looked for the best way to equip our production lines with stainless steel hinges.

After much research and testing, we found the best quality/price/design ratio. Our home-built bezel/flap assemblies are hinged with beautiful, discreet stainless steel half-round hinges. Similarly, all models with a hinged top are equipped with attractive stainless steel piano hinges.

dry toilet with stainless steel hinge

And, of course, screws and bolts also follow the same trend. The aim is to improve the longevity of our products. And yes, as you know, Lécopot is not in the business of programmed obsolescence, but rather defends the idea of sustainability as a guarantee of a resource-efficient future.

Durable… and aesthetic.

Lécopot’s aim has always been to offer ecological toilets that are efficient, relevant, robust and beautiful. Stainless steel is a perfect match for our wood products. This change has forced us to alter the appearance of some models. But the result is very satisfying, and we’re very proud of this real evolution in our products.

stainless steel hinge for ecological toilet

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