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A new litter for dry toilets

by Julien

Lécopot has created a new special litter for dry toilets.

Our urine and faeces must be composted with a mixture of carbonaceous matter commonly known as litter.

This litter is made up of dry, carbon-rich plant material. In fact, combining carbon-rich materials with our excrement, which is rich in nitrogen, will provide the balance needed to obtain a rich material at the end of the composting cycle.

What’s more, this litter will help manage theappearance of odors in your dry toilet. It’s an essential element in the proper use of a compost toilet.

The composition of a good dry toilet litter.

The ideal dry toilet litter is made of very dry materials that can absorb liquids properly. This prevents the appearance of unpleasant odours due to the ammoniacal transformation of urine. It also needs to be fine enough (but not too fine) to retain its absorbency, while ensuring good air circulation. We therefore advise against using fine sawdust alone. If you use sawdust, it’s best to mix it with coarser materials such as wood shavings. The ideal size is close to that of small wood chips, such as those produced by planing, for example.

Cutting wood shavings for dry toilet litter

Ideal size of bedding materials.

Since composting takes place over two years, our litter must be able to hold the material for the entire time. This is why the use of wood (ligneous material) is highly recommended, as it takes a long time to decompose. However, mixing more easily degradable materials such as hemp will reduce the volume of your heap a little more quickly. This will also allow air to take the place of decomposed materials, guaranteeing good aeration of your compost.

Our solution to meet these requirements.

Based on these elements and our long-standing experience, we have designed a dry toilet litter that we feel is ideal.

Litter for dry toilets

Litter for dry toilets

We mixed 60% wood shavings and 40% ground hemp (chenevotte). All these elements are ultra-dry and contain 86% dry matter. Packaged in 17 Kg compressed bales, each bale has an approximate volume of 300 liters when decompacted. Since a person consumes around 1.5 liters a day, this ball gives you an autonomy of around 200 days/user. We invite you to discover our special dry toilet litter.

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