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A new package for self-builders

by Julien

The Lécopot kit for making your own dry toilet:

Lecopot now offers a complete new kit for self-builders of dry toilets.
In fact, we’ve added a wooden seat and bezel to our self-build kit.

So now you have everything you need to make your own dry toilet in the best possible conditions.

This new set is available in two versions:

  • The plastic bucket set includes the stainless steel bib, the 21-liter food-grade plastic bucket and its lid, and the Lecopot seat and lid assembly.self-build dry toilets
  • The stainless-steel bucket set comprises the bib, 15-liter bucket and lid, all in stainless steel + the bezel/flap assembly. Stainless steel dry toilet kit
  • These sets are available in the

    Lécopot online store



The elements in detail :

These elements are used to make our own composting toilets. We’ve selected them for their quality, so you can go in with your eyes closed.

The stainless steel bib:

Our indispensable stainless steel bib (created by Lécopot) will ensure clean use of your dry toilet (

see our article

). It is made in France.

Dry toilet buckets:

Our buckets are also perfectly suited to use with dry toilets. Food-grade plastic and stainless steel are odorless, easy to clean and highly durable. Their 15 and 21-liter volumes are ideal for dry toilets. Neither too much nor too little, their volumes will allow sufficiently spaced emptying without making moving them a trial of strength. That’s why Lécopot always recommends not exceeding these volumes for dry toilet buckets.

Lids :

Bucket lids provide comfort when emptying the bucket, preventing the wind from blowing away papers on top of the bucket. Our preference in this respect is for the food-grade plastic bucket, which features a hermetic lid. This gives you the advantage of being able to close your bucket, leaving it outside the door to be emptied later. This is very practical, should you need to empty the bucket in inclement weather. In this case, we recommend two rotating buckets. In my experience, this is very practical.

Special dry toilet seat and cover set:

We have designed our set

Flap Bezel

by adapting it to the dimensions of the buckets and the flap. This way, you’re sure to have the ideal components for designing a functional dry toilet. It’s hinged only on the flap, so you can attach the seat to the flap to ensure there are no leaks between the seat and your bucket.

All you have to do is get to work making your little piece of furniture, and Lécopot takes care of the rest.
Good luck!

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