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Ecological dry toilet composter

by Julien

ecological composters
for composting dry toilet waste!

Lécopot presents its new range of composters for dry toilets.

composters dry toilets

Set of three composters for dry toilets

Our new composters have been specially designed for use with dry toilets, but can also be used for conventional household composting. Their large volume means they can be used on year-long cycles for a family using their dry toilet every day of the year. They are fitted with a lid to prevent heavy rain from infiltrating the compost. In this way, they comply with the recommendations of public sanitation authorities.

Ecological and aesthetic, our composters are made from 18 mm thick planed Douglas fir. The wood is of French origin and untreated to guarantee healthy compost. Their sober design means they can be placed anywhere without distracting from the surroundings.

Dry toilet composters

Composters can be opened from the top and sides, at the top, bottom or completely.

Cleverly designed, they can be opened from the top, sides, top or bottom, making them practical in any situation. Although made from untreated wood, these composters are built to last. The thickness of the wood guarantees long life. When a board becomes too old, you can easily replace it, giving your composter a virtually eternal life.

Its lid opens in two parts, making it lighter and more comfortable to handle.

Two volumes are available:

We also offer a complete pack of 3 composters. Two 1200-litre and one 800-litre composters for the complete composting cycle of your dry toilet.

Discover our range of composters for composting toilets.

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