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Resistance test: Colombus and Scarabée dry toilets

by France Boyer
Une tonne face aux toilettes sèches le Colombus et le Scarabée

How strong are Lecopot dry toilets?


From our range of indoor dry toilets

the Columbus



are the lightest models.

The Columbus is a travel dry toilet. Practical, it’s perfect for accompanying you on your roadtrip, whether in a van or even a car.

The Scarabée is ideal as a back-up dry toilet or as a small investment in dry toilets.

In addition to their small size, they are also attractively priced.

But we’re often told that their “frail” appearance can’t bear much weight… Wrong!

To be sure, we decided to do a stress test.

The Columbus, small but mighty!

First, we tested the Columbus.
Initially, Maurin, our graphic designer/photographer, placed 80 kg of wood on top.
The Columbus hasn’t moved an inch.

We decided to spice things up a bit, and the workshop team was kind enough to lend a hand.
Two of them are mounted on the platform, and the whole weighs in at 222.3 kg.
Not bad for a “frail” toilet…

Le Scarabée, a tough little beetle!

The Scarab‘s turn.
As with the Columbus, the same off-cuts of wood as on the Columbus ( 80 kg) are started to be used.
Then it was the turn of 4 members of our team to get on board.
From 80 kg to 222.3 kg to 342.3 kg! The Scarab didn’t flinch.
A seemingly frail toilet that hides its secrets!

And here are the video proofs! :

We hope this article and the video have reassured you.
A big thank you to the people who took part in this video: Maurin, David, Baptiste, Johan and Xavier!

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