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The physiological toilet stool

by Julien
Deux moutons comparent leur expérience d'une toilette avec et sans rehausseur physiologique

For your comfort, Lécopot creates a physiological booster stool


A booster stool for dry toilets, but not only…

Why a physiological stool?

We’ve all experienced the famous Turkish toilet, offering a squatting position that not everyone enjoys. However, this position is ideal for efficient, and therefore more comfortable, transit.
A classic sitting position (90° torso/leg angle) closes the anorectal angle and the puborectal muscle, compressing the colon. On the other hand, by forming an angle of 35°, this angle opens up, allowing better colon circulation.
Raising the feet allows you to modify this angle for better transit, making your passage to the toilet much more pleasant.

A physiological position helps with constipation and other intestinal blockages.

A position that changes everything!

Like the Booster Seat, the Ephysia provides an ideal physiological position

What are physiological booster seats used for?

This riser stool has been designed to integrate perfectly with our range of wooden dry toilets.

However, it can also be used for conventional flush toilets (like those of the old world ;-).
But also as a booster seat for children, so that they can use the toilet at home in complete comfort.

Children also have the right to their own dry toilet!

The booster seat fits perfectly into a children’s set

Discover our spruce and Douglas fir creations.

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