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Our friend Guillaume has left us!

by Julien

Having joinedLécopot in June 2013, Guillaume has brought his joviality and creativity to Lécopot.
Despite a few unsuccessful attempts, such as the project to create a machine to produce “Coccinelle” dry toilets in tube form (the final cutting system not having been perfected).

unsuccessful test

Unsuccessful trial

Guillaume is also the inventor of the “Glasses Blocker”, which allows glasses and flaps to be machined without manual holding. He also designed and manufactured the chip “suction arm” for calibration operations. So we don’t end up under mountains of wood shavings, and above all, we protect our respiratory tracts.

vacuum dry toilet

A great invention!

Among other technical innovations, not all of which we can disclose here, Guillaume also contributed to a rich exchange of ideas. Some of them even lead us to make drastic decisions such as “listen only to positive music”, “eat raw as much as possible” and many others…
A flute virtuoso and a great lover of music, he initiated a number of pleasant musical exchanges and jam sessions between two toilets.
His love of music was stronger than his love of wood and dry toilets, as he left us to further his musical knowledge in the hope of making a living from it. An ambitious project in which we believe and which we support.

The whole Lecopot team thanks him warmly for this wonderful time and wishes him well in the land of ranges.

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