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Jardins familiaux de la Garonne: 2 new Lecoboxes

by France Boyer

For the second time, Lécopot delivered outdoor dry toilets to the Garonne allotment garden association. Two new LécoBoxes have taken root in these green corners of Toulouse.
Lecopot van at the Garonne allotment gardens

LécoBox dry toilet cabins installed in Toulouse

In December 2013 Lécopot headed for the pink city to install a LécoBox PMR outdoor dry toilet cubicle, accessible to people with reduced mobility in one of the association’s gardens.

Eight years later, on May 20, 2021, Lécopot took the same route, this time delivering two LécoBox (“classic”) cabins for two allotment garden sites. (product link)

These outhouses are complete with cabin and built-in toilet.
Emptying is done via an external hatch that allows the bucket to be removed.

This model is of interest to the association because the toilets require no connections (no water, electricity or drainage). Users of these gardens who already compost (a sine qua non for the use of biolitter toilets) will be able to make their own potting soil.

This wooden cabin blends in perfectly with its natural, vegetal setting, where biodiversity is showcased.

Jardins familiaux de la Garonne: sharing the love of what grows

The Garonne allotment garden association turns 10! Founded in 2010, the association has grown over the years with the addition of new sites.
Today, Jardins familiaux has 6 sites with a total of 515 gardens spread around Toulouse.

The idea is to make plots available to those who don’t have the possibility of having gardens at home. Our urbanized cities have many advantages, but many homes lack exteriors and gardens.
Gardens outside towns and villages have long been practiced. In fact, the cultivation of peri-urban gardens dates back to the Middle Ages and was widely practiced in the 19th century.

The association aims to promote a return to the land and the consumption of self-produced fruit and vegetables. The values of simple, responsible culture and sharing are the very essence of this project.
A charter has even been drawn up for responsible, natural gardening.
The installation of dry toilets is therefore a continuation of its values.

A little corner of paradise for biodiversity and gardeners!

If you would like to cultivate a small piece of land, you will find all the information you need on their website:


Some photos of our day at the Jardins familiaux de la Garonne :

Assembly at the Chantelle site in Blagnac

Start of Lecobox cabin assembly

The cabin base & Julien mounting the lock

View of the allotment gardens and the assembly team at work

View of the first garden & The assembly team at work with the site manager

The assembly team and the site manager

Philémon (our apprentice), Julien (the big boss) and the site manager

Assembly on the Al Péchiou site in Balma

Installation steps for the lecobox cabin

Two people are all you need to assemble the LécoBox, which can be assembled and disassembled.

The roof is added by two people. View inside the cab.

Adding the roof and looking inside the LécoBox

Lécobox lécopot in the association's gardens

The LécoBox cabin has quickly found its place among gardens

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