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Dry toilets at Domaine de Caderonne

by Maurin Fontaine

A luxury residence in the heart of Aude

An easy-to-assemble dry toilet cubicle.

Twenty years of work

A successful transformation for the Domaine de Caderonne, inaugurated on June 30, 2023. After 20 years of construction work, with its ups and downs, the “Relais de l’Empereur”, as it’s called here, has risen again from the ashes. 11 comfortably furnished apartments in this old mansion along the D118, in the heart of the Aude department, welcome residents looking for a quiet, relaxed lifestyle. “We fell in love with the region and this beautiful site. When we took the crazy gamble of taking over and renovating the estate in 2003, we didn’t think we’d be in for 20 years of trouble! Today, the results are there, and we offer our tenants an idyllic living environment on the banks of the Aude.” Kees and Renate Van Der Bas

The Ventarèl on the cake

As part of its inauguration, the owners called on us to supply them with a complete, ready-to-use Ventarèl Spruce dry toilet cubicle.
In fact, the estate had no amenities other than the accommodation, which meant that the public could not be accommodated serenely for this and future events.
It only took us an hour to set up the Ventarèl – the Domaine is just a few chips away from our #économielocale workshop – and welcome the fifty or so guests invited to the party.

Punctually and forever

The advantages of installing a bio-controlled litter dry toilet cubicle?
Installation took just one hour from scratch. No water supply or drainage was required. What’s more, we installed the Ventarel exactly where the owners wanted it – on a terrace, in the shade, in an accessible yet discreet location. Low-tech has its advantages!

A little house in the Aude

In addition to its practicality for receptions, the dry toilet cubicle will be very useful to Domaine guests on a daily basis. This means they won’t have to return home as soon as the need arises. Direct access to the dry toilets will enable them to continue their activity outdoors.

Dry toilets everywhere, for everyone

Dry toilet booths are not just for music festivals. There are many places that require one or even several accessible toilets in areas that are difficult to accommodate “traditional” water toilets. Our customers include construction companies who offer this service on a temporary basis to their tenants and workers during major works. We get requests from unusual restaurants that want to offer the same quality in their welcome as in their cuisine. We supply “nature” gîtes, of course, who have found it simpler and more ethical to install a dry toilet up there in their high-perched hut. We’ve also installed our cabins at archaeological digs, community gardens, schools and mountain refuges. In short, dry toilets are everywhere, for everyone and, above all, for the planet.

The benefits of honoring the earth

At Domaine de Caderonne, as elsewhere, the Ventarèl cabin’s integrated bio-litter dry toilet will quickly demonstrate its benefits. In addition to the water savings generated by this process, users and managers alike will find a free source of humus-rich compost to fertilize the soil and see the estate flourish all the better, a fair exchange.
Perfect integration

At the end of the day, it’s a satisfying feeling for everyone to contribute to enriching the soil rather than polluting drinking water resources, which are too precious to be wasted these days. Domaine de Caderonne is also a successful ecological transformation.








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