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Installation of Lecopot outdoor dry toilets in Toulouse

by Julien

Lécopot installs its dry toilet cabin in Toulouse

On Friday, December 20, 2013, in pleasant sunshine, Lécopot had the pleasure of installing one of its
outdoor dry toilet
in Toulouse, Haute-Garonne (Occitanie). The LécoBox model, a dry toilet accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM), has been installed at the Manel Gardens site in Toulouse. Set-up took two people an hour and a half.

The site was created by Toulouse City Council (Haute-Garonne, Occitanie region) and is managed by theGaronne allotment garden association. The concrete slab had been laid prior to our arrival.
We would like to thank the members of the Garonne Allotment Garden Association, as well as the Toulouse City Council, for the confidence they have shown in us, and congratulate them on this pertinent choice.

Why install a PRM dry toilet in community gardens?

Dry toilets offer many ecological and economic advantages. On this subject, see our article on the relevance of composting toilets.

In the specific case of the Manel gardens, it was important to resolve the lack of access to sanitary facilities. Indeed, as the association’s members spend several hours a day on site, they needed some amenities. Like many suburban gardens, this plot is not connected to the mains sewage system. It therefore seemed unprofitable to opt for a conventional solution dependent on the network.

What’s more, managing compost from dry toilets is far from being a constraint here. Every user knows and understands the benefits of composting. So what could be more natural than to recycle their excrement on site?

The garden’s members are constantly striving to improve access for people with reduced mobility (PRM). So our LécoBox PMR version was just what you needed.

A few images from the site:

Cabin floor assembly

Cabin floor layout

Assembling wall halves

Wall assembly

PMR interior (other view)

Installation of interior components

Interior elements

Interior elements

Interior elements (other view)

Interior elements (other view)

Dry toilets finished assembly

Ready-to-use cabin

First visit to the new dry toilets

First visit from future users

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