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Which container should I choose for my dry toilet?

by Julien

Stainless steel, plastic or galvanized steel bucket?

Although it’s tempting to go for the largest possible container to reduce the frequency of handling, it’s best to opt for a 15 to 25-liter container . Even though emptying is more frequent, it’s still much easier. A family of four empties its 20-litre bucket about every two to three days.

Seau en plastique alimentaire 21L
Seau inox 15L
Kit inox auto-constructeur

Boutique Lécopot: buckets and accessories for dry toilets

A stainless steel bucket is often recommended, as it’s easier to clean, stains less easily and doesn’t retain odors. However, this type of bucket is relatively expensive.

Plastic buckets can also be used, with a preference for food-grade plastic buckets, which are sturdier and easier to clean. These buckets are much less expensive than stainless steel, but are a little more demanding to clean, depending on how much you’re prepared to accept.

Galvanized steel buckets should be avoided as they are quickly attacked by urine. What’s more, you run the risk of ending up with untimely leaks after a few months.

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