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How to install a dry toilet in town?

by Julien

Use of dry toilets in town

dry toilets in town

Theuse of a Dry Toilet systematically requires a composting area to process the material. Obviously, this is easier to do in the countryside, where a garden or plot of land is more readily available.
But it’s not impossible to use dry toilets
in a building without a garden or in an urban environment!

There are several possible scenarios

You can ask your neighbors who have a plot of land/garden if anyone would be willing to host your composting area (informing them and reassuring them that it won’t cause a nuisance!) and/or would be interested in collecting the mature compost.

  • You can look for a private or public grove or small patch of forest and ask permission to install your compost there, protected from animal intrusion.
  • As is increasingly the case, you can raise your municipality’s awareness and try to negotiate with it to set up a collective composting area at the foot of your building or in your neighborhood, and to jointly manage this area and its recycling process. (also of educational interest for the neighborhood)
  • Some French towns organize collective collection of organic waste (along with household refuse) for composting, in which (compostable) dry toilet bags can be deposited. It’s a very interesting way of adding value to the city, and one that should be encouraged and developed.

To make it easier for you to transport your contents to other locations, you can also use the
compostable bags
to install in your bucket.

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