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Taking medication and dry toilets

by Julien

Aren’t there any contraindications between using a dry toilet and taking medication or antibiotics?

In 1979, tests were carried out by the microbiology department at the Norwegian University of Agriculture to determine whether the excrement of people undergoing antibiotic treatment could cause problems for the composting process. The results showed that this does not cause any significant or lasting disturbance in the compost, and so, except in the case of really massive doses, there is no cause for concern. (Excerpt from ”
Un petit coin pour soulager la planète

A little corner to help the planet

A little corner to help the planet

Quite frankly, it’s better to use a dry toilet than a WC when faced with a medicated problem.

In fact, drug residues introduced into the aquatic cycle by traditional sanitation will not be treated at all by wastewater treatment plants, whatever they may be! However, composting is sufficiently powerful and effective to degrade or neutralize almost all of these residues.

By removing our excreta from the aquatic cycle, we are directly helping to safeguard aquatic fauna (a major hormonal problem) and human health! (male sterility and precocious puberty in young teenage girls), while at the same time providing a complete and unprecedented treatment for this medical problem.

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