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Comic strip: How to use a dry toilet

by Julien
Hox using dry toilet.

The Lécopot comic strip: How to use a dry toilet

We’ve put together a comic strip about dry toilets to display next to your toilet. This way, your guests won’t be confused by your BLTs if you haven’t had time to explain how to use them!

Dry toilet, the comic.

Download the printable High Definition version

Our tips for using bio-controlled litter toilets:

  • When setting up the receptacle, place around 5 cm of litter in the bottom.
  • After each pass, cover with a handful or ladle of litter.
  • When the receptacle is full, empty it onto the compost heap.
  • Then simply rinse with a little water, making sure to dispose of the water on the compost.
  • Before putting the bucket back in place, we spray a small amount of water mixed with vinegar on and in the bucket. To do this, you can use a small gardening spray.
  • Then let the bucket dry for a few moments and replace it.
  • Every two or three oil changes, the bucket should be properly cleaned. Using a sponge (reserved for this operation), hot water and a cleaning product (ecological, it goes without saying).

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