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Le Parpalhou, the Ventarél option

by France Boyer

The Ventarél is a dry toilet cubicle sold on its own.
It can accommodate any toilet, but in particular the


Lécopot has invented another toilet specially designed for this cabin.

Lécopot has invented a toilet specially designed for cabins: the Parpalhou.

Lécopot has invented a toilet specially designed for cabins: the Parpalhou.

The Parpalhou is a


with a compartment on each side of the toilet.
It provides greaterbedding autonomy for this cabin, which can accommodate many passages.
One of the compartments can also be used to store toilet paper or even magazines.

The Parpalhou features a rounded front, reminiscent of the shape of the


Toilet length is adapted to cabin width


. A cut-out in the chip tray area allows the toilet to fit perfectly. Available in spruce or Douglas fir.

This toilet is not sold separately. It is only an option for the Ventarèl cabin, for the spruce or Douglas fir version. It provides a comfortable, top-of-the-range dry toilet. Whether for entertaining or just for the family.

The Ventarél thus becomes a modular cabin. So you can choose it without a toilet, or with a standard or high-capacity toilet. Now it also offers a toilet that takes up the entire width of the toilet like the



Discover the

Ventarèl spruce fitted

and the

Ventarèl Douglas fitted with Parpalhou


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