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Partnership: Les Doigts dans le Van

by France Boyer

Les Doigts dans le Van is a company based in the Var region of France that offers solutions forfitting out vans.
Users of dry toilets, they offer Lecopot models in their layouts.

LDDLV layout creations

Tell us a little about yourself, how did the idea for Les doigts dans le Van come about?

After a van roadtrip to Canada in 2018, we decided to fit out our first van to live in full-time.
The team was made up of a professional woodworker and an electrical expert, so we quickly got the hang of it and started fitting out other vans in Bordeaux.
But we lacked the space to carry out our services, so we moved and finally opened our workshop in Montauroux in the Var!

Do you offer training courses and complete installations?
Why choose these two services?

The workshop offers complete or à la carte layouts to suit individual requirements.
Our aim is to create original furnishings that are far from industrial standards and accessible to everyone.
We also offer training courses so that self-builders can learn all about the techniques involved in building a home, particularly with regard to electricity and the standards to be met.

Why choose dry toilets for your landscaping? (Do you offer them all the time?) Have you ever tested a dry litter toilet in a van during a trip? How did it go?

We only offer Lecopot dry toilets. And the reason is simple: once you’ve tried it, you can’t imagine using another toilet system for a second!
After more than a year on the road, we’ve come to appreciate

all the benefits that dry toilets bring us

No water use (and we know that controlling water consumption is even more important on the roads than at home), no odors, no chemicals.
All good points!
And the little extra Lécopot? The quality of the materials and the famous

stainless steel bib

that makes all the difference!

What do customers think about having dry toilets in their van? A little surprised at first?

Well, attitudes are changing, and for the better!
Today, customers are delighted with the comfort and ease of use that dry toilets bring to their van.
It’s true that some people are still apprehensive about the existence of odors. But we quickly proved them wrong, thanks to the Lecopot dry toilet installed in our workshop (we told you we couldn’t live without it!).

Do you think nomadism goes hand in hand with ecology?

We don’t know if the two are linked. But one thing’s for sure: after traveling in a van, we change our behavior. And we become fully aware of the world around us and our true needs.
We quickly realize the importance of our resources and learn, for example, how to save water and gas (for example: 75L of water will last 4 days for two people, with 1 shower per day per person).
We go back to basics and quickly realize that we’re surrounded by a lot of superfluous stuff.


To find out more about Les Doigts Dans Le Van and their services, visit their website: lesdoigtsdanslevan.com

You can also follow them on



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