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Lécopot: the marriage of craftsmanship and ecology

by France Boyer

In this National Crafts Week, we’d like to talk to you about an aspect of Lecopot that is part of the very essence of the company:craftsmanship.

Two carpenters working in the workshop

Precise gestures and meticulous workmanship

Being craftsmen

At Lecopot, we make all our toilets with our own hands.
Nestled in a verdant corner of the upper Aude valley, in the Occitanie region of France, our premises include a joinery workshop with various tools and machines, a shipping area and offices.
The workshop team includes 2 skilled carpenters and an apprentice, who juggle cutting, assembly and finishing.

The craft industry is a dynamic sector that is constantly evolving. This local industry par excellence is also impacted by digital technology. The company has therefore created two jobs linked to the image and promotion of Lécopot on the web. We’re craftsmen 2.0!

To be a craftsman is above all to love your job, and for us: to love wood. But it’s also a life punctuated by the unexpected and the renewals that stimulate us on a daily basis.

It’s the same passion that drives us, to keep alive a craft and an age-old know-how. Repeated, skilful gestures shape a pure essence.

The company is committed to ecological values, and pays close attention to the waste it produces. Being a craftsman also means being responsible.
Wood cutting is optimized to leave as little off-cuts as possible. The sawdust produced by the various operations is sold as litter for our toilets. Finally, the varnish used is ecological and as natural as possible.

A love of wood and craftsmanship

Wood is dear to our hearts, because it’s a natural, noble and renewable material. In line with our ecological values, we take care to check the origin of the wood we work with. On the one hand, to favor responsible forestry, European species and limit transport.

We value the quality of our products. We pay particular attention to our creations and finishing touches. Our aim is to make products that will last over time, so there’s no such thing as programmed obsolescence!

Our work brings us the joy of seeing a product come to life from A to Z, and what’s more, a product with a low environmental impact that reduces water consumption and feeds the earth.

As you can see, we’re a proud and satisfied artisan company!

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