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Which outdoor dry toilet to choose?

by France Boyer

There can be many reasons to equip yourself with an outdoor dry toilet: a construction site, people coming to the house this summer, a big event planned, for a nature park…
But which model to choose?

The Ventarèl Douglas cabin

Whether you’re a family user or a frequent visitor, the choice of capacity

At Lécopot we offer indoor and outdoor dry toilets.


outdoor dry toilets

as we call them, are wooden cabins that are either equipped with dry toilets, or can accommodate them.

These cabins can be accompanied by family-size dry toilets (

15 to 21-liter buckets

), medium-capacity (

65-litre bin

) or high-capacity (

90-litre bin

The 65-litre bins will allow around 110 uses before emptying, and the 90-litre bins will allow around 160.
Standard buckets in food-grade plastic and stainless steel are suitable for family use.
A family of 4 will empty the bucket about once every 2 days in the main toilet, while the bucket of an auxiliary toilet will be emptied every 3-4 days (it’s advisable not to exceed 4 days without emptying the bucket, otherwise odors may appear).

Tip: if you’re having people over and want to keep an indoor dry toilet, remember to bring an extra bucket (and lid). This will make it easier for you to rotate your oil changes. But if you can’t empty the bucket right away, this will also allow you to make it wait. Locked away in a corner out of sight, you’ll have time to empty it later!

Which capacity for which model?

Some cabins offer different capacities of dry toilet buckets/bins, while others do not.

La Ventarèl :

This cabin is sold without toilet. This model can be used in a variety of ways, for example as a garden shed or beach hut.

The spruce ventarèl on a building site; the spruce Cernalha in the ventarèl cabin

The Ventarèl Spruce Dry Toilet Cabin and the Cernalha Spruce Dry Toilet Cabin

Ventarèl is available in



douglas fir

. It can accommodate the dry toilets originally designed for indoor use, if you need a classic family size.

For larger capacities, the


is a medium-capacity dry toilet (65-liter bowl). It has been specially designed to fit into a corner of the
. La
is available in spruce or Douglas fir.
The same capacity is also available in the
Granhòta 65 liters.

The latter has a rounded shape.

If you need a larger capacity toilet, you can opt for the

Granhòta 90 liters

in spruce or Douglas fir.

Simple and adaptable, the Ventarèl is ideal for large family events, to be set up at the bottom of the garden, or next to the swimming pool …

The LecoBox:



is a complete dry toilet cubicle. It includes a dry toilet which is placed at the back of the cabin like a bench.
What’s more, this toilet has a 90-litre tank. You’ll also find a 68-liter chip tank at the rear of the toilet.
You can choose spruce or Douglas fir, unfinished or stained.

The dry toilet inside the Lecobox cabin and the cabin seen from the outside

The LécoBox douglas, indoor and outdoor

It’s ideal if you want a turnkey dry toilet cubicle. You will receive it partially assembled (4 walls assembled, roof and toilet to be assembled). However, it will take two people about 20 minutes to assemble without tools.

Whether you’re an individual, a company, an association or a municipality, this top-of-the-range outdoor dry toilet is suitable for a wide audience.
For a wedding, a campsite, near a lake, the LécoBox will find its place.

The LécoBox PMR :

We’ve developed a PMR version of the LécoBox to make it accessible to all.
An occupational therapist helped us design this model to meet accessibility standards for people with reduced mobility.

LécoBox PMR

is equipped with a 90-liter dry toilet and an 80-liter shavings tank.
Like the other cabins, it is available in spruce or Douglas fir (untreated or stained).

The LécoBox PMR spruce seen from the outside and inside

LécoBox PMR spruce

Spacious and comfortable, this model is ideal for public facilities.

We remind you that our toilets are composting dry toilets.
In fact, these ecological toilets require large-capacity

large-capacity composters

to ensure the smooth flow of waste.

Questions about dry toilets?
You may find some answers in our article on

composting dry toilets

or our article on

using and cleaning dry toilets

or our article on

choosing litter


Still not sure which cabin to choose?
For all inquiries, quotations and other requests, please contact us by e-mail at [email protected].
However, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on




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