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Happy 2018!

by Julien

Report on the Lecopot dry toilets

The entire Lecopot team wishes you a happy and healthy 2018.
May this new year be rich in positive initiatives and full of joy.

For the first time, Lécopot sold more than 1,000 dry toilets in France and Europe in 2017!

Environmental balance sheet for Lecopot dry toilets

We’d like to thank all our customers who, since the start of our adventure, have helped us save just over 531,847,593 liters of water through the use of our dry toilets and self-build kits. In fact, so many liters of water were left intact and did not cause any pollution.

Your actions, with the help of our friends the decomposers (micro-organisms and earthworms), have also created around 1,941 m3 of compost to regenerate the soil. So congratulations once again to all of you for these fine, positive choices.
Let’s hope 2018 is even more prosperous in compost and water savings. A very positive assessment of the dry toilets.

New range of dry toilets

Throughout 2017, Lécopot developed a new range of Douglas dry toilets. The first to be adorned with Douglas was our flagship model
the Butterfly.
This was followed by the Coccinelle and Cagaròl models. Other models will be adorned with this pretty pink wood during 2018 …

Papillon model dry toilet in Douglas fir

Range developments in 2018

The first new feature of 2018 is the switch to

stainless steel hardware

on the entire range of Lécopot dry toilets.

To find out more, read the related article here.

Testimonials from Lecopot toilet users

This year, Lécopot dry toilet users will be in the spotlight. You will soon be able to read
testimonials from professionals and private
who have installed ecological toilets from our workshop.
If you too would like to share your experience, opinions and practical advice for dry toilet users, please don’t hesitate to contact the editorial team at [email protected].

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