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Lécopot in Spanish magazine EcoHabitar

by Julien

Lécopot dry toilets featured in Spanish environmental magazine EcoHabitar

EcoHabitar is THE magazine in Spain for Bioconstruction, Eco-architecture, Permaculture, Ecological Transition, Ecological and Sustainable Communities and Lifestyles, providing viable solutions for a new way of living. A vibrant alternative to today’s one-track thinking.

spanish magazine ecohabitar

In the Lécopot article Váteres secos y componentes you can discover how a simple gesture likeusing a dry toilet has a direct impact on the environment, and gives us the opportunity to act on the world around us.

Visit environmental benefits These range from preserving and saving this essential resource, water, to producing our own compost – a nutrient of great value to the soil – by recycling our dejecta through the composting processand gives you the option of choosing a ecological sanitation accessible to all.

In issue 54 of EcoHabitar magazine, you’ll also find other articles on eco-construction, ecological self-building, solar energy and energy efficiency.

You can buy the magazine directly from their website:

Find out more about this magazine dedicated to ecological living: www.ecohabitar.org

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