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Ecolabel zero waste toilet paper from Lécopot!

by Julien

Ecological toilet paper from the Lécopot store

For several months now, we’ve been offering you two references of eco-friendly toilet paper. We selected them for their ecological relevance and the values of the manufacturing company, PAPECO, which are very close to our own.

Recycled toilet paper

Recycled toilet paper

This paper is recycled in France from locally recovered paper. The recycling process is natural, with no bleaching, dyes or toxic products. The company is committed to a constantly developing environmental approach.

Like Lécopot, Papeco is powered by 100% renewable energy. We appreciate this commitment from the company, which is the only 100% French manufacturer of recycled wiping paper.

Zero waste, one step closer to ecology

The 400-sheet rolls and the 1086-sheet Jumbo rolls are packaged in batches of 6 in thin plastic packaging to guarantee hygiene and integrity.

The 400-sheet family and 1086-sheet jumbo rolls are now joined by a zero-waste version.

Zero waste toilet paper

Zero waste toilet paper

In fact, you’ll now find a zero-waste version of toilet paper in 600-sheet rolls, simply stored in a box of 36 rolls.

You can shred the cardboard for use in your dry toilets, or recycle it for a completely different purpose.

Go to the Lécopot online store, section
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