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Camping L’Alternatif & LécoBox PMR Sanitaire

by France Boyer

In response to a special customer request, Lécopot designed a sanitary cubicle comprising a dry toilet, shower and washbasin.

In April 2021, a team from Lécopot left the Haute Vallée de l’Aude to install this PMR (Personnes à Mobilité Réduite) cabin at Camping L’alternatif in Huriel (03) near Montluçon.

Camping L’alternatif, an eco-friendly, unusual vacation

Nestled in a verdant setting in the Allier region,

the L’alternatif campsite

is a resort in the heart of nature for a moment of pure relaxation.
This campsite offers unusual accommodation for a rich, original and rejuvenating experience.

You can sleep in tipis, Berber tents, yurts, hanging tents, cabins or caravans. There are also pitches for tents and motorhomes. What’s more, each dwelling is set at a certain distance from each other for greater comfort and privacy.

L’alternatif is rooted in eco-responsible tourism that promotes ecological and human values. The site is equipped with dry toilets, solar panels and compost bins, to be in harmony with the surrounding natural environment.
Many activities are available in the area, including bungee jumping, bike rides, cultural visits and other sports and relaxation activities.

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The campsite is also a friendly, family-friendly place. There’s a children’ s playground and donkeys can be hired for rides.
An invigorating and soothing experience where nature, respect and sharing are the watchwords!

Whether you’re looking for a weekend break, a chance to reconnect with nature or a school vacation, L’alternatif is the ideal place for young and old alike!

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The alternative in Huriel

A PRM sanitary cubicle for everyone

The L’alternatif campsite has chosen to equip its site with a mixed cabin (TS and shower) with PRM access.

The sanitary PMR Lecobox on its site

The sanitary PMR Lecobox on its site

Lécopot has developed a whole range of BLTs (bio-controlled litter toilets), from indoor models to outdoor cabins.

This cabin is a special order, as it is a sanitary cabin with a dry toilet and a shower, all accessible to PRM.

It includes a PMR TS (dry toilet) with a wide seat for greater comfort.
The toilet is also fitted with a chip tray behind the toilet seat. The bin has a cut-out in the wood for easy access to the shavings.

Inside the LécoBox PMR sanitary unit

Inside the LécoBox PMR sanitary unit



The “sanitary” part of the LécoBox PMR sanitary unit

The facility features a shower area with special wall cladding and a grated shower floor. Faucet and shower head are included, as is a small washbasin.
A shower seat and grab rails at the dry toilet and shower areas complete the package.

In terms of maintenance, the LécoBox features an external hatch for easy removal of the 90-litre bin. It can hold up to 150 passages.
However, don’t go more than 2 weeks without emptying the bin, otherwise odors may develop.

For best results, place 3-4 cm of shavings at the bottom of the tray. They will absorb the first liquids. Then, simply cover your needs with shavings after each trip to the toilet.

The LécoBox PMR Sanitaire is the ideal solution for public areas such as campsites, water sports centers and leisure parks.

Made entirely of wood, it blends effortlessly into any outdoor setting. Its translucent roof and openwork wooden ceiling provide natural light like a skylight.

Do you have any questions about LécoBox PMR Sanitaire or would you like a quote?

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