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Enercoop: local, green energy

by France Boyer

June 15-19 is European Sustainable Energy Week. On this occasion, we’d like to tell you a little more about renewable energies, and in particular about Enercoop, Lecopot’s green energy supplier!

Demand for electricity is high, and comes from a variety of sources that are not always well known.
The environmental issue also applies to energy. Nowadays, there are solutions for providing responsible energy that thinks of our planet.

Renewable energies

Energy sources are diverse and not all of them are renewable, such as fossil fuels (which are transformed into hydrocarbons: oil, fuel, gas, coal…) and nuclear energy. The problem with these fossil fuels is that they pollute, releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and causing global warming.

Other, less polluting energies are available: renewable energies.
They help combat the greenhouse effect by emitting little or no CO2. What’s more, they generate very little (if any) waste.

France’s share of renewable energy in 2020 will be 19.1%.
There are 5 families of renewable energies:

  • Solar: It can be photovoltaic (light conversion) or thermal (heat conversion).
  • Wind power: This uses wind energy and accounts for 14 to 18% of Europe’s electricity.
  • hydraulics: formed using the energy of water, as in the case of dams.
  • Biomass : wood, straw, corn, biogas and biofuels (derived from plants) are used as fuels to produce heat, electricity or fuel.
  • Ground energy (geothermal energy): This is the heat stored in underground water vapor.
renewable energy statistics in France in 2020

Source: French Ministry of Ecological Transition


Some energy suppliers specialize in these green and responsible energies.
This is the case of the Enercoop cooperative, which has been supplying Lécopot with electricity since its inception (11 years ago).
Enercoop offers 100% renewable energy. It comes from water (45%), sun (5%), wind (49%) and biomass (1%). Above all, it uses no nuclear energy.

Another special feature of this supplier: the energy is local!
Enercoop is made up of regional entities to offer energy produced and sold in the same region. Electricity suppliers are citizens and local authorities.

The cooperative has even been recognized by the NGO GreenPeace(read their review of Enercoop).

Enercoop advocates solidarity-based energy that puts people back at the heart of the project. Transparency is just as important as the fight against energy waste.
The cooperative pays energy producers a fair price with long-term contracts.
It’s a win-win situation for everyone: producers who are paid fairly, green and renewable energy, a responsible cooperative, and satisfied customers who are part of the energy transition!

Want to know more about Enercoop?


Sources :
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