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Video: replacing your water toilet with a dry one

by Julien

How do you replace your water toilet with a dry one?

The script of the “Replace your water toilet with a dry toilet” video

Hello, this is France de Lécopot!

Today I’m going to show you how to replace your water toilet with a Lecopot dry toilet!
Here’s a traditional water toilet, the one we’ll be replacing in our new premises with a dry toilet.
We’re going to find the classic elements like the water inlet and drain.
You’ll also need to remove the bolts to remove the toilet.
To do all this, we’re going to need a few tools, including wrenches, a 100 mm diameter plug to block the drain, a saw if we need to cut the drain pipe, and a 100 mm diameter female socket just in case.
Here we go!

We’ll start by turning off the water supply, then we’ll flush the toilet, then we’ll unscrew the water supply and now we’ll unbolt the toilet fixtures.

Here, we have a fixing system with threaded rods and the bolt from above, which means we’ll have to lift the toilet to remove it. The other fastening system is just a bolt that you remove, and you can just slide the toilet in, no need to lift it.

Then I’m going to need a little help! I’ll call Julien!
So that’s it, no more water closet, now we’ve got the drain, and all we have to do is put in the plug I showed you earlier. Just insert it!

So the other possibility is that this pipe is in the way of your dry toilet, and in our case, we’ll have to cut the pipe and then replace the plug!
Before cutting the pipe, we leave a safety margin so that we can insert the sleeve into it.

Now we’re ready to insert the sleeve. If you wish, you can glue it in place with PVC glue, just apply it all around the perimeter. We’ll come and insert it! Our cork from earlier!

That’s it, the job’s done, the water closet’s gone, the drain’s been plugged up, we’ve cut our threaded rods, now it’s time for the dry toilet!

So we chose a Beetle model in the Douglas fir version, and we chose a model without an integrated chip tank because the technical constraints of the evacuation system meant we couldn’t fit a butterfly valve, for example.

Choose the model that suits you best!

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