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Fédération ConfiANCe, for equitable non-collective sanitation

by Julien

logo of the independent confederation for fair non-collective sanitationWe are pleased to announce the foundation of a new independent national federation fornon-collective sanitation.

The ConfiANCe federation

The ConfiANCe Federation (Confédération Indépendante pour un Assainissement Non Collectif Équitable – Independent Confederation for Fair Non-Collective Sanitation) brings together local associations defending the rights of ANC users, as well as other individual and expert members.

This federation was created on March 14, 2015:

Constitutive General Assembly of the independent confederation for equitable non-collective sanitation

ConfiANCe’s inaugural AGM on March 14, 2015.

Free and independent of any political, trade union or economic power, the ConfiANCe national network has set itself the goal of putting an end to the abuses in the current implementation of public sanitation services (SPANC), which it considers to be an unequal system, dedicated essentially to the benefit of private interests.
Citizens experience these public non-collective sanitation services as real institutional violence, all the more unbearable because it takes place in their private space.

“A Public Service can’t be sold, it has to be defended!”
This is the motto of the Federation

Discover the Confiance network

You can find details of our actions and other information on our website :

As well as on the Facebook Page (free access):

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