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Dry toilets in collective and participative housing

by Julien

Collective housing projects equipped with dry toilets

dry toilets for collective housing

Here’s a selection of press articles featuring projects involving the use of dry toilets in collective housing, for eco-friendly buildings and collective residences, eco-neighborhoods,… This page is regularly updated, so don’t hesitate to let us know of any new projects!

Projects and initiatives featured in the press

French first in Brittany: a building equipped with dry toilets
The Ôôôberge residents’ cooperative in Dol-de-Bretagne is to equip an entire residence with dry toilets. A first in France for multi-family housing.
Source: Ma maison demain magazine, March 2019

A collective residence where no one flushes the toilet
In Dol-de-Bretagne, the future residents of a residence under construction have chosen to install dry toilets in their apartments.
Source: France Inter, April 2019.

Collective housing isqdry toilets
Source: Batiweb, December 2011

In Switzerland: A pilot green building will be built in Cressy, Geneva
Unique in Switzerland, this building will be fully equipped with dry toilets that will produce compost. There will be no parking, as residents are committed to giving up their private cars.
Source: Tribune de Genève, February 2009. PDF on Phragmi-Tech website

Websites to consult

The aim of Habitat Participatif France is to contribute to the development of participatory housing by leading the Participatory Housing Movement in France, making the diversity of projects visible and promoting the development of Participatory Housing throughout France: www.habitatparticipatif-france.fr

Immobilière écologique: classified ads site for ecological real estate:

Equipping collective housing with dry toilets

Are you planning to install waterless toilets in a communal or eco-housing complex? Don’t hesitate to contact Lécopot.

Photo credits: Geralt, Pixabay.

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