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Making dry toilets

by Julien

Original, practical, aesthetic, high-quality and affordable dry toilets.


These are the watchwords that motivate our involvement in the design and manufacture of our dry toilets.

That’s why we don’t make “simple boxes”, but functional toilets that people want to use.

Lécopot was born out of the realization that composting toilets were very often presented as crude facilities that didn’t always encourage their use. We therefore felt it was essential to change this image by offering comfortable, high-quality and attractive toilets. The aim is to change this view, which is not conducive to the development of a more responsible way of managing our dejecta.

The method :

Sanding moldings on wood trays

Sanding moldings on wood trays

Quality control of Lecopot dry toilets

Quality control of Lecopot dry toilets

As artisan carpenters, we make all our wooden components in-house, which is why you won’t find any flaps from Asia on our premises. As a result, we manufacture these elements in a way that is adapted to the use of dry toilets.

Likewise, we do not use exotic wood species, preferring to use local or European woods.

The electricity needed to run our machines is supplied by Enercoop (a cooperative supplier of 100% renewable electricity). Your dry toilets are therefore produced by clean, nuclear-free energy.

Some parts can’t be made in wood, for obvious reasons (such as buckets and certain accessories). To offer you products of the highest quality, we have selected suppliers offering us quality products manufactured in France or, failing that, in neighboring European countries.

From cutting to assembly to finishing, we’re constantly on the lookout for robust, high-quality dry toilets.

The Lécopot team:

Atelier de Lécopot. Dry toilet manufacturer

Finishing the Lecopot dry toilets

Dry toilet manufacturing

David, Workshop Manager at Lécopot.

Julien, Bérenger, David and Sari bring their expertise to the design and manufacture of your toilet with the utmost care.

Our manufacturing techniques are constantly evolving to improve our products and offer you impeccable quality.

Florence puts her artistic talents to impeccable use.

France and Julien take care of you and answer your questions by e-mail.

Discover our original productions by visiting our online store: www.lecopot.com